Technical SEO audit checklist

Technical SEO audit checklist

Do you know what SEO problems may be prowling on your website?

It doesn’t matter how good your SEO content may be, there are a number of technical issues that can dramatically lower your website’s search ranking, subside, you to penalties or make your website invisible to Google and other search engines.
Every website is urged to go through a technical SEO audit from time to time to avoid being hit with a penalty so you can take safe actions to protect your website from being hit by the next algorithm update.

What is an SEO Audit?

The SEO audit helps identify problems so that you can improve or bring changes to your SEO campaign.
The whole aim of having an SEO audit is done to identify the weak points that are bringing down your website’s performance. This process would give you a list of action items that would be required to fix.

A Complete 9 step SEO Audit to improve your SEO

Ensuring Indexed Pages

Checking your index status
 Using the Index Status Report in the Google Search Console to see the number of pages Googles has slunk from your domain.
Checking your robots. txt file
By adding/robot.txt to the end of your domain ensures pages are not discontinued.

Review site and URL errors
Use site errors and URL error reports in Google Search Console to identify problems.

Search your website
Doing a google search for your site would help retrieve a list of indexed pages.

Building a Secure Website

Google now favors websites that are encrypted with HTTPS.
HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which is a secure version of HTTP.

Switching to HTTPS

Would help in securing your website using SSL.
HTTPS also provides you with encrypted communication with a web server.

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